Does the sun cause wrinkles?

Most of us get wrinkles – it’s just part of the aging process and part of life. Nevertheless, there are several different causes for wrinkles. In fact, it’s not merely age that causes these lines to form on our face.

If we desire to comprehend the best ways to maintain younger looking skin, then the first step is to comprehend what subsequently causes wrinkles that make us all look older.

Sun Exposure

We can all agree that the sun causes a lot of damage to our skins. The collagen made up in your skin breaks down and gets damaged by direct exposure to the sun. These damaged collagen threads are called solar energy marks that disrupt the collagen-making procedure as well as make it easier for wrinkles to develop.

Repeated direct sun exposure can cause thinning of your 1st level of skin, making it much more at risk to skin cancer. In short, not only does vulnerable direct exposure to the sun cause you to look old but it also places you at a greater risk of skin diseases.

Cosmetic procedures are one way to handle wrinkles as well as lines; however, they are not always needed. In fact, most instances, merely by eating better and consuming supplements and skin treatment items, you can get great results.

Let’s look at meals initially. What should you be eating to get healthy as well as radiant skin? You need to eat foods with antioxidants together with lots of vegetables. Antioxidants benefit the skin. They diminish oxidative damages and fight free of charge radicals. Attempt introducing even more berries to your diet. You could also think about beets, broccoli, cantaloupe or sweet yams.

It may be unwise to insist on foods rich in antioxidant for every dish. As such, you should think of including a healthy and balanced amount of antioxidant, vitamin C and E supplements to your routine. They assist to compensate for what you can not derive from meals. This is a really efficient technique for routine tourist yet non-traveler may maximize this assistance too.

Foods and supplements develop a large part of our inside-out antiwrinkle technique. However, it is never total without external skin care. With a lot of skin treatment products in the market, the best ways to recognize effective anti-wrinkles items?

Its good to wear a hat

The sun for all of its benefits can also adversely affect how we look and hinder our efforts to stay looking young.  Over exposure to the sun, can cause premature signs of aging, cancer, with other pigmentation conditions. The morning sun rays are without a doubt healthy and balanced for us as long as we do not expose ourselves for too long.

Wearing a hat is a very effective way to avoid cancer and decrease the damages that the sun can cause.  Statistics have shown that the sun exposure can cause people to get cancer from over exposure.

You are most likely to get skin cancer due to direct exposure to UV rays from the sunshine than any other source.  “Prevention is much better than cure”, which is the reason why it is very smart to wear a hat.

Over exposure to the sun can also increase the maturing process and in turn result in as wrinkles, brownish games, crows’ feet, saggy skin as well as hyper pigmentation. You will certainly mature much faster considering that the radiation sent out by the sun rays destroys the top level of the skin due to steer contact with the skin. In simple words, you are better off taking your hat with you when you go outside during the summer time.

Every time you expose yourself to the sun’s hazardous rays remember that it’s not just your head as well as a body which you have to protect, but your face. Look for a hat with flaps that can protect your cheeks, neck, mouth, face, and nose from the sun.

For those suffering with hypersensitive or serious skin conditions which are aggravated by sun rays direct exposure such as Rosacea, Acne breakouts, Melasma, Melanoma, or article surgery it’s suggested wearing the greatest amount of UPF security on your face with head of UPF 50  to protect your delicate skin each day. The greatest thing you can do to prevent skin cancer is to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear a comprehensive hat with neck and face protection.

The Effect of Chlorine on Your Skin

It’s odd to think that an activity that is good for your health can be bad for your skin. Healthy is healthy, right? Not so fast. Many swimmers we’ve watched in the recent Summer Olympics in London, men and women alike, report that chlorine is really harsh on your skin. Not just your face, but all over, even your hair. Combine that with the sun of an outdoor pool, and you have an equation that could result in real havoc on your skin and long-lasting adverse effects.

Chlorine is added to pools because it is a powerful disinfectant. It is used to kill germs and as a bleaching agent. If you’re a blonde, you probably already know about the latter part, especially when your sunny locks turn green! There are many special shampoos and conditioners you can use formulated specially for swimmers. The skin on your face and body need the same special consideration, otherwise you are allowing the chlorine to upset the pH balance of your skin, resulting in dry, flaking and peeling skin, even cracking if left alone long enough.

Some good habits to develop if you are even just an infrequent swimmer are:

  • Make sure you rinse your hair and skin in non-chlorinated water to form a slight barrier to the chlorinated water
  • Wear a thick layer of sunblock not just for UV ray protection but also to prevent chlorine absorption in your skin
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly when you’re out of the pool and reapply your sunblock
  • Pay particular attention to your facial skin at home with a good moisturizer on a daily basis: your skin is thinner and more sensitive on your face. A moisturizer that is vitamin-infused is particularly beneficial. If you use a moisturizer with retinol, read the instructions regarding sun exposure after use.


Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

Laser treatment is the most frequent used solutions for wrinkles. Broken layer of the skin are eliminated by laser lights which gives the patient a newer, smoother and brand new looking skin. Other skin problems like aging spots, acne breakouts scars, and skin yellowing are removed when you go through laser resurfacing treatment as well. This procedure is best for removing modest or outstanding wrinkles. If you have deeper wrinkles and your skin has sagged exceedingly, you might need much more serious treatment than laser resurfacing.

Before you run out and treat your wrinkles with a laser, make sure you talk to a specialist concerning your medical history and also what you are expecting from this procedure. You might need a complete health examination before your medical doctor executes laser resurfacing. This examination will definitely inform what kind of outcome you could expect.

Your skin will be exuding, uncooked as well as blistered after the treatment process. You could even feel discomfort, itching and burning feelings. The skin that has undergone the treatment might be disguise bandaged for the following few days. If you have undergone treatment for the whole face, then a head cover may be used to cover your face. After two weeks, your new skin will definitely look better and your wrinkles will become less noticeable.

The wrinkles will definitely gradually become less recognizable in the 6 months to 1 year.

However, there are some risks involved with laser resurfacing. You may see hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation for the next three to four weeks after the procedure. Under these conditions, the skin turns lighter or darker and may persist for some couple of months. If you have darker skin, then you are in the high-risk classification for this problem. If you have herpes virus currently there in your skin, it may flare during this kind of laser treatments for wrinkles. There are some even more issues like pimples flares, burns, inflammation, marking and bacterial infection.

Why we get wrinkles?

The skin all over your body ages over time.  It can also age faster due to over exposure to the sun or even with minimum exposure.  There are two types of wrinkles: great area lines and deep furrows.

Wrinkles will appear bigger on the parts of the body that get more exposure to the sun’s rays. These parts such as the face, neck, hands, and the top of the forearms are the most exposed so they tend to get wrinkles earliest.

There are several reasons why wrinkles show up. With age, skin cells divide a lot more gradually, and the inner level, called the dermis, begins to thin out. Elastin is a protein that makes your skin stretch, and collagen is the proteins that comprise the skin, they sustain the outside level, release and unwind, inducing wrinkles. As you age, your skin sheds its flexibility and is no longer able to hold much moisture.  As a result, your skin has less oil and is unable to heal itself quickly.

There is numerous reasons why people experience early sign of aging like wrinkles. If you are a smoker, then you will get wrinkles early. The substances that you body get from the cigarettes, will damage your skin and cause wrinkles. Drinking too much acohol is another reason for the early appearance of wrinkles. Alcohol contains chemicals that can damage our skin if consumed in large quantities.   That is why people who drink a lot tend to look older then their age.

The next reason for wrinkles is over exposure to sun. Sun rays can damages and burn the skin. Another reason is the lack of sleep. We all know that sleep is very important for our skin.

Fortunately, there are some solutions for wrinkles. Here are a few things that you can consider in order to prevent early wrinkle appearance.

Change your life style. If you are a smoker and a liquor lover, then it is the time to divert your life into a healthy one. Eating fruits and vegetables can prevent wrinkles. Fruits and vegetables have lot6s of nutrients and vitamins that make our skin especially our body healthy.

Use a good skin care product. There are lots of skin care products that you can purchase in the market. Make sure that you consult your dermatologist before buy anything but you can try good and safe product like, Taun.

Sun block is also very important especially if you will go out and stay under the sun. The higher the SPF number of the sun block, the better so that you can stay longer out in the sun.

There are lots of ways that you can consider aside from the above mentioned. Several high technology processes are applied nowadays. The best thing is to engage in a natural way of prevention.

How drinking alcohol affects your skin?

Most of us recognize that excessive alcohol intake is not good for our health.  Nevertheless, it is hard not to have fun when our friends are calling us to go out on the weekends.  Sooner or later we all come to the conclusion that drinking too much is not good for our health.  But few know that drinking too much can also damage our skin and make us look older.

The truth is that alcohol and aging skin are related. Besides damaging your liver and impairing the body’s intake of calcium, which could result in osteoporosis, excess intake of alcohol also leads to premature aging. Individuals that consume too much alcohol will usually age twice as quickly as those that do not.

Alcohol is bad for the skin due to the fact that it damages the cells, dries the skin and makes it look flaky as well. Smoking additionally has a drying effect on the skin; it likewise deposits complimentary radicals inside your body. Alcohol can make you look much more outdated than you really are. Here, are a few of the results that you may experience of you drink too much alcohol.

Dry Skin – Alcohol dehydrates your body as well as your skin since it shuts out the release of anti-diuretic hormones, forcing your kidneys to work overtime, processing and also removing excessive water from your system. The drier your skin gets, the more wrinkles you get.

Bloodshot Eyes – The alcohol increases the size of your blood vessels on the surface of your eyes. This happen not just when you are drunk or hung over, but if you continuously drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

Alcohol is metabolized through the liver, and the alcohol leaves your body by being voided via sweat, urine, as well as breath. This is a smell that can be difficult to cover. If you do care on your skin avoid excessive alcohol intake. Alcohol is good for the body in a small amount, but too much of it can damages your health as well as you skin. Live a healthy balance lifestyle to be healthier and live longer.

How to stop wrinkles?

Wrinkles are part of the aging process.  We all get them sooner or later.  For some, it shows signs of maturity.  For others it can affect their self esteem.  However, there are ways to remove wrinkles.  Before we talk about how to remove them, lets talk about how they develop.  One way you get wrinkles is through your family genes.  These genes will certainly lead to the two connective fibers, called collagen and elastin, to break down. Collagen gives the skin support, while elastin offers your skin with pliability.

Thousand of people who search to find a remedy for wrinkles usually develop them first around their eyes, mouth and also forehead. Your skin is wrinkling because of oxidation. This is a normal aging method triggered by complimentary radicals as the person increases in age. Nonetheless, this process can be slowed down by use of skin care products that consist of the antioxidant defense your skin requires. The main thing that we can do to stop the early sign of aging is living a healthy life style. Eating healthy foods and exercising can prevent the early existence of wrinkles. In order to maintain a youthful skin, skin care products are needed.


It takes a specific combination of organic compounds in order to firm your skin, and smooth out wrinkles. There are so many skin care product that you can purchase on the market. Each skin care product does have different ingredients that may or may not be effective and sometimes can harm your skin. Be sure that you obtain the items that have Babussu, Maracuja, as well as Crodamol OP. These are the kinds of ingredients that supply your skin with vitamins and nutrients to stop wrinkling from happening earlier. Plant based ingredients, proteins, and molecules are what you want. Plant oil are the most valuable solutions for your skin because they not only penetrate significantly and moisturize efficiently, but the even offer necessary antioxidants as well as important nutrients to your skin.

Products with natural or organic ingredient are best for the skin. You can consult with your dermatologist when it comes to this issue. It is best that you know your skin condition before you directly purchase any skin care products.

There are numerous ways on how to stop or stop the very early existence of wrinkles. The very best point that you are able to consider is to have a healthy and balanced life still and also keep successful products to stop wrinkles.

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